Pin Bar Trend Analysis Indicators and Signals

03 Mar Pin Bar Trend Analysis Indicators and Signals

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It would help if you incorporated other tools to increase the reliability of the pin bar. Traders use such tools to find setups in the market – one of the most popular ones is RSI. Below, we’ll look at several main techniques that can tremendously increase the pin bar’s reliability. On the other hand, if the asset has been forming smooth waves without any abrupt moves, the pin bar is essential.

There are number of different pin bar formations you can trade. I personally generalize them all as pin bars or inverted pin bars but here’s a quick breakdown of the different types. They’re a very simple candlestick patterns but when paired with solid context they can foreshadow large market reversals. In this case, you’ll enter a trade when the pin bar forms or somewhere around the 61.8% Fib level.

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The real body is small and located near the upper end of the candlestick and can be of any color. The long wick is often called the tail, while the small wick at the opposite end is referred to as the nose. The tail makes up about two-thirds or more of the entire range of the candlestick. This will greatly increase the odds of this pin bar and engulfing patterns to work out.

A Little History About The Pin Bar

The identification of the pin bar at the support level shows that it is a strong level of buyers reflected by the long wicks. In this case, the pin bar is even more valid as the bullish pin bar also has a bullish close . For more information on trading pin bars and other price action patterns, click here. The most effective method to confirm price reversals is by using technical indicators like the RSI, Stochastics, or Fibonacci levels.

And for the bullish pin bar, again, is just the same principle, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. In a flash back of my mind I clearly remember the number of pinbars formed just in front of me but I missed them by staring at them ‘cos I could not read them. • The area between the open and close of the pin bar is called the “body” or “real body”. It is typically colored white or another light color when the close was higher than the open and black or another dark color when the close was lower than the open. It is, but only when combined with other factors, including the quality of the pin bar itself and whether it formed at a key level, among others.

Pin Bars and Wedges – A Powerful Trading Strategy

The candle represents the price movements within a specific period, depending on the timeframe you’ve chosen to use. Any and all information discussed is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered investment, legal, or tax advice. A reference to any security is not an indication to buy or sell that security.

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The pin bar trading strategies presented here aimed to show a simple approach to technical analysis. Nowadays traders use sophisticated trading strategies to come up with less productive trades. Then analyze the strength of that pin bar to predict the overall market sentiment. Try to avoid trading in the weak pin bar candlestick patterns. Moreover, pin bars are not the only candlestick patterns that indicate price rejection. Pin Bar is one of the most important candlestick patterns.

False Breakout Trading Strategy

By making a momentary break of these levels, Pin Bars trigger the orders of these breakout traders before trapping them into an adverse situation. The forces of supply and demand make the prices fluctuate, forming the candlesticks of different shapes. There is a universe of potential signals that traders can use to time their entries. does not track the typical results of past or current customers. As a provider of educational courses and trading tools, we do not have access to the personal trading accounts or brokerage statements of our customers.

Thus, easy to spot, and the market forms it frequently. In the illustration below, you can see candlesticks of different shapes, where each candle gives various clues about where the market may head next. When the properties of the candle’s elements match specific criteria, we get a potential trading setup. Pin bars can be traded with another reversal pattern like 50% Retracements, also know as Halfway Backs. Pin bars are an EXTREMELY powerful trading pattern when the appropriate context is applied. Pin bar pattern is characterized by a long upper or lower wick with a small body relative to the size of the wick with little to no lower or upper shadows.

In this lesson, we’re going to cover pin bar characteristics, how to know if a setup is worth trading, and entry and exit strategies. The Pin Bar indicator is a powerful tool that can be used to trade a variety of market conditions. In this article, we will discuss the three best Pin Bar indicator settings that can be used to trade the markets.

The Pinbar Trading Strategy Guide

Another entry option for a pin bar trading signal, is entering on a 50% retrace of the pin bar. As for the entry, you can enter the trade after the formation of the pin bar candle, or you can play safe and wait for the next candle to close and then enter the trade. Moreover, you can set the take-profit at the next Fib level, or you can try to extend the profits along with the following Fib levels. In the GBP/USD chart above, you can see how the bullish pin bar candle pattern indicates that the bearish trend is over. Additionally, we added Fib levels from the bottom to the top of the previous price trend. Because the trades resulted from the pin bar trading give tremendous risk-reward ratios, a stop-loss being hit doesn’t affect the trading account.

  • I also adopt different trading philosophies and principles, depending on the trading strategy that I’m trading.
  • The beauty of price action analysis is that it teaches you how to analyze market movement based on inherently generated data; namely price data.
  • These signals can be used as a possible reversal points based on timeframe used or set wick size.
  • The rejection is abrupt and powerful so the pullback into the Fibonacci area won’t come.
  • Pin bars have a long nose which protrudes out of one side of the candle body.

A pin bar trading Rejection Candle forms at an important resistance, tipping traders off to bearish movement before it happens. To qualify as a pin bar, the open and close must be situated at one end of the bar’s range, and the nose of the bar must make up at least 2/3’s of the whole bar’s range. The general rule of thumb is – the longer the nose of the pin bar, the more powerful the pin bar signal. Pin bar trading is generally the backbone of most price action trading systems used in today’s Forex markets. Those rejections beyond the boundaries often give rise to pin bar Japanese candlesticks, which is what you want to trade.

The tail of the pin bar shows the area of price that was rejected, and the implication is that price will continue to move opposite to the direction the tail points. Thus, a bearish pin bar signal is one that has a long upper tail, showing rejection of higher prices with the implication that price will fall in the near-term. A bullish pin bar signal has a long lower tail, showing rejection of lower prices with the implication that price will rise in the near-term. In the chart above, we switched to a daily time frame and placed Fib levels from top to bottom of the previous price swing. As you can see, this time, the pin bar candle formation appears during a downward trend when the market is in correction mode. After the price tested the 50% Fibonacci level, it spiked back up, and a perfect pin bar candle was formed.

An uptrend will not reverse just because there’s a bearish Pinbar on the chart. It takes much more than a single candlestick to reverse a trend. Unlock our free video lessons and you will learn the exact chart patterns you need to know to find opportunities in the markets. Chart patterns Understand how to read the charts like a pro trader. Live streams Tune into daily live streams with expert traders and transform your trading skills.


They form very regularly and can be found across all time frames. The pin bar’s core purpose to help the trader identify potential reversals in the market. When pin bars form, it is a good sign the market is ready to move in the opposite direction. Apart from trading pin bars with the trend, another pin bar trading strategy that can improve the odds of successful outcomes is trading pin bar setups in a ranging market. Here is an example of a trending market that formed numerous profitable pin bar setups. The following daily chart of GBP/JPY shows that pin bars taken with the dominant trend can be very accurate.

You can get the earned money via the same payment system that you used for depositing. In case you funded the account via various methods, withdraw your profit via the same methods in the ratio according to the deposited sums. Now, as you know the main element of the strategy, let’s move on to the setups.

You will often hear me say you need to build context around a pattern/signal to have a real trading strategy. A Shooting Star is bearish reversal pattern that forms at the end of an advance in price . Sellers held control during the start of the session but by the end of the session the buyers stepped in and take price close to highs. The end result is a candle with a long lower tail or wick which will exceed below the most recent price action. I’m simply trying to convey the basic fundamentals behind why pin bars work. Human rational and emotions carry over into their trading decisions, which is what moves the market.